Williamstown Primary School

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In 1856, 10 acres was given for the construction of a school house and a teachers dwelling in the township of Williamstown. By 1858, building had commenced at an estimated cost of three hundred and seventy five pounds. It was soon finished and by 1861 the school was thriving with its average enrolment of forty four students.


By the late 1870s the schools enrolment had doubled to an average student body of eighty students. By the early 1900s a Schoolhouse was built and by 1920 the school was booming with an average enrolment of one hundred and fifty six students.


In 1921, two more classrooms were built on the school grounds to accommodate the increase in students, but by 1940 the average enrolment had dropped to seventy five students only to increase again to one hundred and fifty by 1960


In 1977 the Child Parent Centre was built and opened. During 1980 extensive renovations to the main building occurred and the school was officially re-opened in October 1981


By the end of the 1990s, average enrolment was up to two hundred and ninety students, and in the year 2000, broke the barrier and reached three hundred and two students. The school now averages over two hundred students plus Pre School enrolments.


The Williamstown Outside School Hours Care opened in the fourth term of 2004 and has provided a much needed service to the community.